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When you’ve been around for 100+ years, you learn a thing or two about the particular lighting needs of vertical markets.

WB’s diverse portfolio reads like a Who’s Who of showcase blue-chip clients – spanning nearly a dozen major industries – and we continue to provide cradle-to-cradle lighting and electrical solutions to each one.

Our ever-expanding industry expertise includes:

Auto Dealerships

Create a customer environment that’s both inviting and engaging, and customers will stay.

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For financial institutions, WB helps to accomplish a range of lighting and electrical challenges

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Fitness Centers

Fitness center lighting is all about being bright and conveying a positive, motivating attitude.

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Food Service

Restaurant lighting is about appeal – from exterior signage and front entrances to dining rooms, bars and counter areas.

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As one of the most specialized and unique applications of light, healthcare lighting is about people, not just facilities.

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WB understands the impact of entering a stunning hotel lobby or vibrant casino floor.

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When OEMs look to build-in the finest lighting, electrical and related equipment, more are reaching out to WB for a long list of top-tier products and services

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Retail lighting is a direct extension of your brand. You want the customer experience to be inviting and comfortable.

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As a growing part of our MRO Electrical Services, retrofits represent a sizable chunk of our daily workload.

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Supermarket lighting is more than just making food and merchandise look great on shelves. It involves understanding how to merchandise a client’s brand.

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WB understands the specialized requirements of today’s ultra high-tech theaters.

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